Getting the perfect cover design may seem like a daunting task if you have never done it before. Elegant Book Design is here to help you every step of the way, starting with this list of frequently asked questions abut book covers and the design process.

How long does a custom book cover take to create?

Ebook covers typically take 3 to 5 days from start to finish, but if there are a lot of changes and additional reviews, this can be longer.

Print book covers take from 4 to 7 days to complete. Again, if there are additional rounds of changes and reviews, it may take a few more days for completion with approval.

How long does it take to get a ready-made cover customized with my book information?

Ready-made book covers are offered with four different design options:

  • Ebook cover option – 2 business days
  • PRINT COMBO option – 3 to 5 business days
  • THE WORKS option – 3 to 5 business days

We offer a rush service for an additional fee.

I really like one of the ready-made covers, but can you make some slight changes to the design?

Yes. This approach can jump start the cover design process. Please keep in mind that changes to ready-made designs will be subject to additional charges, depending on the time needed to make the changes and the review process.

I need some changes made to a JPEG file of my cover from a few years ago, but I don't have the original files.

In order to make changes to your existing cover design, we need to work from the original Adobe PhotoShop or Illustrator file.

A JPEG file has one layer with everything combined in that one layer, so it is difficult to make changes, especially if the JPEG is low resolution. It is possible to follow the original design and recreate the design, but to recreate it exactly will be very time consuming.

Usually it’s best to consider creating new artwork, but keeping the same basic design, especially if you have a series of books with similar cover designs.

How do we get started and how do I pay for the book cover design service?

First, you need to select one of our Custom Book Cover Design Packages and make a 50% deposit payment for the package. Payments can be made via credit card through our secure shopping cart.

Next, you will be sent a link to our Getting Started form. You can use this form to tell us about your book, your vision, main characters, and also to schedule a day and time for us to call and talk about your book project.

After the design consultation, we will know what you need and we’ll have a good idea on the design direction we will take.

What is stock photography?

It can be expensive to hire a photographer and a model, then stage a set for a book cover. Stock photography is a reasonably priced alternativeThese are images that photographers (and illustrators) create on their own, then sell multiple times through services known as stock agencies such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and others.

The advantage is that the rights to use stock photographs and illustrations can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of hiring a photographer or illustration and purchasing exclusive rights to the image. The disadvantage is that stock images may be purchased and used by different graphic designers.
When Elegant Book Design purchases stock photography, we are purchasing the right to use the image with some restrictions. For example, a standard license for ebook use is limited to under 250,000 sales by authors and print books are limited to under 500,000.
For books that exceed those numbers in sales, an extended rights fee is charged by the stock agency, which is $79.00 for Shutterstock and Adobe Stock.
Elegant Book Design includes the standard license image purchase in all the cover design services in this website, and the author is responsible for the extended license fee.

Can I get an ebook cover now, and later on upgrade to get a print cover with a spine and back cover artwork?

Yes. When we create ebook covers, our artwork is high resolution so we can use it for just that purpose and on printed materials as well.

What should I put on the back cover of my book?

Many fiction authors will use the back cover to print one or two sentences from different reviewers, and in some cases from well-known authors, or may have an excerpt from the book as a teaser. Nonfiction books may have an author photo and a brief biography or sentence with the author’s credentials, along with an excerpt from the book.

Your ISBN barcode and book cover design credit can also be placed on the back cover.

Do I have to purchase stock photography for my cover design?

No. Stock photography is included in the price of your cover design. We use stock images from Adobe Stock and Shutterstock our cover designs.

If you wish to purchase stock photography from another stock photography resource you may do so. We can incorporate your photography into your book cover design.

Can you paint or draw a cover artwork of what I have in mind? I want something really different.

Elegant Book Design does not provide illustration services at this time. We will be happy to refer you to an illustrator.

I am confused about book cover file sizes and resolution. Can you help me with that?

Yes. We just need to know what ebook publishing platform you are using to publish you book and we can do the rest.

For printed book covers, your printing company or publisher may have specifications or a template they will want us to use. We will work with you to figure it out.

I have an ISBN for my book, but I don't have the actual bar code for my print cover.

This is no problem. We can generate the barcode art needed for your cover artwork. When we create your back cover design proof, you will see the barcode and the ISBN so you can verify that the number you give us matches.

What if I don't like any of the book cover concepts?

Design concepts are a first step toward a finished cover, and usually there are refinements needed to take a concept to the final cover design. In most cases one of the design concepts will have some elements that can be further developed into a finished cover design. During the concept review process we will discuss the designs and cover elements in detail to determine what should be changed or revised.

In the event that none of the design concepts are acceptable for further refinement or where an author is unhappy and wishes to cease work on the cover design, we offer a full refund of the cover design deposit made by the author to Elegant Book Design.

How do I know your cover artwork will print correctly when I send the printing file to my book printer?

Elegant Book Design uses a color-calibrated iMac with Retina display during the design process as well as Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign to create Adobe PDF proofs and final printing files. Color profiles are embedded into the final artwork file and virtually all printers accept and work from Adobe files.

If you are concerned about how the actual ink-on-paper color printing will compare to what you see on your computer screen, most book printing companies and publishers will provide a color-calibrated digital proof prior to printing so you can approve the color and trim area, and have a final review before the covers go to press.

What if I find a typographical error after I approve the final artwork?

Just let us know and we will correct the artwork and we’ll resend the publisher file to you.

Typically, we work from text provided to us by the author and we do not proofread our client’s text. However, we have several proofing steps during the design process for authors to review and approve all artwork before the publisher files are created.

Is your question missing from the list?

If you have a question for us, please email us now or call us Toll Free at (888) 229-2730.