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What is involved in redesigning a book cover?

Our redesign or makeover process is the same as creating a new cover design.

  • First we talk with the author and learn more about the book and the characters, and we discuss ideas and potential cover redesign concepts.
  • Next we develop several new design concepts and review them with the author.
  • Then we turn one of the designs into final artwork.

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Why are there so many mediocre book covers?

Some authors design their own covers in order to keep expenses down. Other authors are using publishing companies that include an extremely basic cover design in their publishing package. And some authors are self-publishing, but don’t have a graphic designer to work with during the actual book cover design process.

While all of the above approaches to cover design will work, more often than not the result is a mediocre cover that just doesn’t communicate well with potential readers. Lackluster design equals poor book sales.

Elegant Book Design has the creativity, experience and skills necessary to provide a professional book cover design that will attract attention and generate sales.


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Book cover redesign frequently asked questions

I really like one of your ready-made book cover designs, but I would like to make some minor changes. Can you work with me?

Yes. In most cases we can make minor design changes for a small fee. After you purchase your ready-made cover, you will send us your book cover information and and contact information. We will contact you and discuss the changes you need and what the cost will be.

How do we get started with a makeover of my book cover?

Option 1:  First choose and make a 50% deposit on one of the four custom cover packages we offer. After your order is processed, your confirmation will have a link to our Getting Started page, where you can answer a few questions about your book prior to our in depth book design consultation.

Option 2:  Go to the Getting Started page and complete the brief form. You can use this form to tell us about your book, your vision, main characters and locations, all of which will help us in creating a cover design.

You can also schedule a day and time for us to call and talk about your book project. It’s important that we talk about your ideas as well. Once we talk about your book cover design, you can then make a deposit on one of the our custom cover packages we offer.

How long does it take to redesign a book cover?

The redesign (makeover) process varies depending on whether you just need an ebook cover or if you need a print cover with spine and cover as well, and other factors. Here is what is typical for our custom design packages:

Custom ebook covers take from 4 to 5 days typically from start to finish, but if there are a lot of changes and additional reviews, it can take a few more days.

Custom print book covers take from 4 to 7 days to complete. If there are additional rounds of changes and reviews, it may take a few more days for completion and approval.

The COMBO (custom ebook cover, front cover and back cover) design and artwork take 4 to 7 days to complete. If there are additional rounds of changes and reviews, it may take a few more days for completion and approval.

The WORKS (custom ebook cover, front cover and back cover) design and artwork take 7 to 9 days to complete. If there are additional rounds of changes and reviews, it may take a few more days for completion and approval.

We offer rush service at an additional fee.

I don't like my current book cover design at all. Can you create a totally new design?

Yes. A redesign is handled here like a new book cover design project, so we would present new cover design concepts.

I like my overall cover design–it's not awful, but just needs a professional touch. Can you work from my cover design or do we have to start from scratch?

Author-created cover designs are not often in a format we can easily work with, but if you have the original image used that would be helpful. Once you contact us and upload an image of your current cover, we can talk about your cover design and how we can improve it.

Can you work with images I found during a Google image search?

It depends. If you have found images on a stock photography website and you purchase the images then yes, we can work with the images. However, if the images belong to an individual or a photographer you would need to get permission from the owner of the images.

If you redesign my book cover, will I have full rights to the design?

Yes. We provide digital artwork files that you can use any way you would like.

I have a JPEG file I used to publish my book. Can you use that file to make a print cover version?

Probably not. JPEG files are “flattened” so everything is on one layer and chances are the file is also low resolution and of low quality. For a printed cover, a much higher resolution is needed and you cannot simply scale up the existing file and then make changes to it.

I have a book series but the covers are all different. Can you create a book series style that's more recognizable?

Yes. We can work with you to establish the overall look and feel, and then create all the covers so they they have a similar look. We also can create boxed set 3D artwork if you would like to sell a complete set of ebooks.

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