As the above portfolio shows, Elegant Book Design offers beautiful, creative book covers that are designed to stand out in a bookstore or in an online store.

We design in just about any genre including action, thriller, crime, mystery, fantasy, historical, horror, romance, science fiction, nonfiction and many other genres of book covers.

Whether you need a redesign (makeover) of an existing cover or you need help bringing a new book cover idea to life with a custom design, we can help. Our cover design services start at $199 and our design packages offer great value and quick turnaround.

We also offer inexpensive ready-made book (premade) cover designs for $99 that can be customized with your name, your book title and tagline and are perfect for ebooks and printed book covers.

Take advantage of our FREE, no-obligation cover design consultation. After you fill out a simple form and email it to Elegant Book Design, we can talk about your book, design goals and brainstorm about different design approaches. 

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Take advantage of our 

FREE design consultation.

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