General Privacy Information

Elegant Book Design does collect contact information when website visitors fill out various website forms. Form information is used by Elegant Book Design to respond to website visitor requests for more information or when communicating with website visitors and clients about a book cover project.

Elegant Book Design does use contact information to respond to requests and to keep website visitors informed of new blog posts, and new products and service offerings.

Elegant Book Design does not share any information obtained through this website with any third party, except for purchases made through the PCI compliant shopping cart platform, which uses Stripe to process credit card information.

All website forms require an email address, name and in some cases other other contact information such as a phone number, so Elegant Book Design can respond to requests by website visitors for additional information, estimates and quotes.

Contact information from website forms is collected and retained on a database within the Elegant Book Design private network. First names, last names and email address are also stored within the Mailchimp email platform, which is used for email newsletters.

Shopping Cart

The Elegant Book Design website uses a shopping cart system which allows visitors to shop for services. The shopping cart system collects visitor information during checkout, including name, address, city, state and zip code, as well as email address, phone and credit card information.

No credit card information is collected or stored on this website or within the Elegant Book Design network.

Shopping cart clients may be contacted after purchases are made in order to gather information about the customer’s book so that book cover designs can be created, and automated shopping cart customer notifications are sent after the purchase is made and as the order is processed and fulfilled.

Clients who purchase certain services where a deposit is made towards a purchase will be contacted by email upon completion of a project with a final invoice and email is also used to send ebook and print files to clients.

Clients may be contacted in the future with news and information as well as new products and services offered by Elegant Book Design.

Email Newsletters

Elegant Book Design sends occasional emails, including an email newsletter with marketing news and information of interest to clients and to website visitors who have requested to receive information or visitors who have requested a quote or additional information.

Emailings in the form of newsletters do not exceed four per month, unless there is a major news announcement or impending event.

The email newsletters are sent using Mailchimp and utilizes an opt-in and opt-out database.

All newsletters contain a link for email recipients to automatically unsubscribe themselves.

Email removal requests using the unsubscribe link on the email are processed automatically by the Mailchimp email newsletter management software, so list removal

Email recipients not wishing to continue receiving emailings may request that their email address be removed from our email list by contacting Elegant Book Design (using the contact form) if they prefer not to use the unsubscribe link. Such requests are responded to within 5 business days.

Website visitors who request project quotations or who subscribe to the Elegant Book Design blog are automatically added to the Elegant Book Design email newsletter list; however, all newsletter emailings have an opt-out link for automatic removal from the list. Clients who have purchased services are also added to the Elegant Book Design newsletter list.

Companies and individuals who solicit Elegant Book Design may be added to the email newsletter list.

Automatic emails

When visitors opt-in to receive Elegant Book Design’s email newsletter, they will receive an automatic email when a new blog article is added to the website.

When any request form on the website is completed and emailed to the website visitor, an automatic notification email will be sent to the sender, along with the information that was included in the email form.

When purchases are made using the shopping cart platform, automatic email notifications are sent to customers confirming purchases and emails are sent as the status of an order changes.

Direct mail

Elegant Book Design does send occasional direct mail (via U.S.P.S.) with marketing news and information of interest to clients and website visitors who have requested to receive printed information or who have expressed an interest in article topics published within the Elegant Book Design website, as well as those who have requested a quote or additional information.

Mailings of printed newsletters, postcards, letters or other direct mail never exceed two per month.

Direct mail recipients not wishing to continue receiving printed mailings may request that their mail address be removed from our mailing list via email using our Contact page or by faxing Elegant Book Design at (888) 910-2792. Mail removal requests are processed within 5 business days of receipt.


Elegant Book Design does make use of cookies. When a visitor goes to the website, there is a popup offer which will set a cookie for the visitor but will expire after 30 days.

Questions about our privacy policy?

Please use the Contact page to let Elegant Book Design know of any concerns, questions or comments regarding the Elegant Book Design privacy policy.