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Ready-made book cover design suitable for ebook or printed book cover. Purchase Includes customizing the cover artwork with author’s title, name and optional tagline.

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California Dreaming is a stunning cover featuring a beach with a 1960s style VW bus and surfing gear. This cover is appealing to readers of mystery, romance, thriller, action and other genres. With elegant graphic design and subtle use of color, this ready-made book cover design is suitable for an ebook or a printed book cover, or both.

What is included in your purchase?

  • Customizing of cover artwork with author’s title
  • Customizing of cover artwork with author’s name
  • Customizing cover artwork with author’s tagline (optional)


There are 3 options for the ready-made book cover you can select from when you purchase this product.

1)  Ebook Cover

If you are only publishing your book on ebook publishing platforms, this option is for you.

2)  Print Combo

The Print Combo option includes everything you need to publish a printed book.

This option adds the following for an additional $100.00:

  • A back cover with text (and photograph if you wish)
  • A spine
  • ISBN barcode (you supply the ISBN)

We will take your back cover text and create a back cover and we will create a barcode using your ISBN.


The Works option includes adds the following for an additional $150.00:

  • A back cover with text (and photograph if you wish)
  • A spine
  • ISBN barcode (you supply the ISBN)
  • Ebook cover sized to fit your ebook publishing platform.

This option is perfect for publishing both in print and on ebook platforms.


The following graphic shows what you will receive for each option.

What You Will Receive

What You Receive

Depending on which of our Ready-made Cover Design options you select, after we customize your purchased cover design you will receive a file you can use with your ebook or print publishing platform.

  • Ebook cover option – Publisher ready digital artwork – JPEG or TIFF file of cover
  • Print Combo option – High resolution digital artwork (300 dpi) print PDF
  • THE WORKS option – Publisher ready digital artwork (300 dpi) print PDF and JPEG, TIFF file

You may purchase “add ons” for additional digital artwork JPEG and TIFF sizes if you are publishing on multiple platforms.


The following graphic illustrates what you will receive with each ready-made cover option.

What You Will Receive

Add Ons

Several “add ons” or additional items may be purchased when you select one of the following Ready-made Cover Packages.

When you are on any of the ready-made cover product page, simply select any of the additional products or services you would like to your order.


  • 3D book artwork (cover and spine) – $49.00
  • Website banner artwork – $49.00
  • Facebook banner artwork – $49.00
  • 1-day rush service – $99.00


  • 3D book artwork (cover and spine) – $49.00
  • Website banner artwork – $49.00
  • Facebook banner artwork – $49.00
  • 1-day rush service – $99.00

Ebook cover:

  • Additional JPEG sizes (files) – $49.00
  • Additional high resolution (300 dpi) TIFF, JPEG – $49.00
  • 3D book artwork (cover and spine) – $49.00
  • Website banner artwork – $49.00
  • Facebook banner artwork – $49.00
  • 1-day rush service – $99.00

After Your Purchase

After you make your ready-made cover purchase, you will receive a confirmation email from Elegant Book Design (see example below).

Getting Started With Your Ready Made Cover

We will need information about your book cover such as book title, tagline, printing specifications and other information,

STEP 1: In your purchase confirmation email, go to the Getting Started section. Click on the Getting Started With Your Ready-made Book Cover link to go to the Getting Started With Your Ready-made Book Cover page.

STEP 2: Complete the simple form and submit.

Once you send the form to us, we will get started on your ready-made book cover cover customization.

Getting Started With Your Ready Made Book Cover

Turnaround Time

Once you make your purchase, we will begin work on your cover customization on the next business day, after we receive your book information.

Purchases placed on Saturday or Sunday will not be processed until the following Monday. The turnaround time is as follows:

  • Ebook cover option – 2 business days
  • Print cover option – 2 business days
  • THE COMBO option – 4 to 7 business days
  • THE WORKS option – 6 to 9 business days

Rush Service

We offer Rush Service as an add on if need us to expedite your ready-made cover customization. Be sure to choose this product add on before you add the cover package to your shopping cart.

For ebook and print cover orders, the 1 day rush service is for completion of the work within a 24 hour period during normal business days (Monday through Friday). The 24 hour work completion period will begin when Elegant Book Design receives the book information (title, author name, tagline). For example, an order placed by 9 a.m. would be ready by 9 a.m. the following day, provided the book information has been received.


If you have purchased the THE COMBO or THE WORKS and you will have an ISBN barcode on the back cover, you will need your ISBN registered before we start work on the cover customization, otherwise there may be a delay in the completion of your artwork.

Back Cover Text and Photograph

If you plan to have text and a photograph on the back cover, we will need the text and photograph file when we start work on the cover customization, otherwise there will be a delay in completing your cover artwork.


Removal From Store

Each of our ready-made covers are sold only once.

Immediately after purchase, the ready-made cover design you have purchased will appear as “Out Of Stock” to other website visitors, so no one else will be able to purchase the design.

We will remove the purchased design from the store within 2 business days.

Digital Artwork File

Delivery of Digital Artwork Files

Once the artwork has been customized with the book title, author’s name and tagline, and after approval the artwork, the publisher-ready digital artwork file(s) will be sent to the author via email, OneHub or DropBox link.

Digital artwork files will be JPEG, TIFF or PDF files or a combination of the three depending on what cover product and/or add ons is purchased.

Changes / Alterations

Ready-made covers include customization of the design to include your book title, your name and optional tagline.

If you would like changes to the overall design, PhotoShop work to the cover image or illustration, or other changes to the design we can make changes, but there will be additional charges for the work.

Estimate For Changes and Alterations

After you purchase your cover, let us know what changes to the design you would like. Once we have a chance to communicate with you about the changes and alterations, we will give you an estimate or price quote for making the changes.

We will not make any additional changes without first receiving your go ahead. You will be invoiced for the additional work.

Changes and alterations include:

  • PhotoShop work (changing or editing cover images, changing color cast, adding or removing image elements)
  • Image cropping/resizing
  • Changing the photograph or illustration to a different photograph or illustration
  • Changing colors used in the overall design
  • Adding additional graphic elements to the design
  • Deleting graphic elements from the design
  • Changing typeface or typestyle

Please allow an additional 2 days for the completion of changes and alterations and for the review process.


Upon completion of the work, Elegant Book Design will invoice the author for any additional changes or alterations work to the ready-made cover by email. The invoice/email notification will have a link to our secure invoice payment page.


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