I. General

1) Author Supplied Materials
Authors may supply Elegant Book Design with materials to be used in book cover designs which include, but are not limited to, photographs, image files, text and illustration.

  • Author must acquire and/or own the rights to all materials supplied to Elegant Book Design before the materials are to be incorporated into any book cover design or marketing materials.
  • The ownership and/or rights to author supplied materials must be explained in writing prior to Elegant Book Design starting any design work.
  • Any intellectual property disputes which may arise involving author provided materials will be the author’s full legal and financial responsibility.
  • Elegant Book Design is not responsible for author provided files such as graphics or photography images which may be of low quality resolution or have other issues that affect the overall quality of the cover design and ability to print well or display properly on websites.

Elegant Book Design recommends that authors provide high resolution (300 dpi or higher) images and graphics that are larger than the final cropped size they need to appear on the book cover.

2) Cancellation/Termination

2a) Custom Book Cover Design Projects

The author or Elegant Book Design may cancel or terminate a custom book cover design project at any time by informing the other party in writing and receiving a confirmation in writing from the other party.

  • If the author cancels the design project before any work has started on the cover design concepts, the contract will be considered cancelled and a full refund from Elegant Book Design (of the 50% deposit) will be given to the author, if a payment has been made to Elegant Book Design.
  • After reviewing the cover concepts for a custom cover design project, if the author is not happy with the design work and wishes to cease all work on the project, Elegant Design will refund the 50% deposit (first payment). The author will not be entitled to any use whatsoever of the book cover concepts.
  • If design work has progressed beyond the design concept stage (and work has started on actual artwork), and if the author wishes to terminate all work on the project, Elegant Book Design will keep the 50% deposit (first payment). Elegant Book Design will provide the author with an itemized invoice detailing all work that has been done up until the project termination request. The author will not have any rights to book cover design concepts or any work or files in progress.
  • If book cover artwork and/or project work has been completed, and final files for the author have not been created, Elegant Book Design will invoice the author for the balance of the project. Upon payment of the project balance, Elegant Book Design will provide the client final files if author requests such files and the author will have all rights to the files. If the author requests all working (editable) files and pays the $200 editable file fee, Elegant Book Design will provide all working files to the author in addition to the final files.

2b) Ready-made Book Cover Projects

  • If the author cancels the ready-made book cover within 24 hours of purchase and before any customization of the design has been started, Elegant Book Design will refund the author’s purchase less a $25 cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations made after the book cover customization has been started or completed will not be given a refund; however. the author will receive artwork files (JPEG or PDF) and will have full rights to the use of the book cover file.
  • If the author has purchased a print cover or a combination of ebook and print cover with spine and back cover art and cancels the order after work has been started, Elegant Book Design will provide an accounting of all work done to date and will offer a partial refund based on work completed. The author will not have any rights to use the book cover design in any way and will not receive any artwork files.
  • If the author has purchased a print cover or a combination of ebook and print cover with spine and back cover and cancels the order after work has been started, the author may request work in progress JPEG or PDF files; however, there will be no refund. The author will have full rights to the use of the book cover artwork file.
  • In the event the author has purchased add-ons in addition to the ready-made book cover, and if no work has done on said add-ons, a refund for the cost of the add-ons will be provided to the author.

3) Client Responsibilities
The author will be solely responsible for the following:

  • Proofreading all PDF proofs provided to the author prior to approving book cover or marketing artwork files to make sure there are no mispellings of any text.
  • Proofreading all PDF proofs provided to the author prior to approving book cover or marketing artwork files to make sure all graphic elements, text and colors are correct.
  • Obtaining rights to use any illustration, photographs or any other materials that will be provided to Elegant Book Design prior to any work being started on the project, as well as providing proof of said rights to Elegant Book Design.
  • Obtaining printing specifications from the publisher or printing company prior to Elegant Book Design beginning work on the project, and communicating with Elegant Book Design the publisher’s specifications.
  • Requesting and approve a digital proof from the printing company prior to printing, after accepting printing files from Elegant Book Design.
  • Any legal fees, costs, or expenses incurred by the author as the result of using book cover artwork or marketing materials provided to the author by Elegant Book Design. Examples include but are not limited to:
    • Printing errors found after Elegant Book Design artwork files are approved and used by author’s publisher or printer.
    • Reprinting costs in the event Elegant Book Design is given incorrect book printing specifications such as trim size, spine size, book size or other book information.
    • Ownership disputes regarding client-provided image files (photographs, illustrations)
    • Disputes from Shutterstock or Adobe Stock when standard license use is exceeded by the author.
    • Disputes from other authors or publishers regarding book titles, cover imagery or book content.

4. Confidentiality
All information provided by authors, whether it is in the form of verbal or written communication, to Elegant Book Design is considered to be confidential. This includes consultations with author by phone, fax, email and mail in order to provide a quote and/or actual design and production work with the author.

Author materials and information are never shared with any third party, unless the author authorizes Elegant Book Design to share information, materials or files with designated third parties.

  • Author agrees not to post book cover design concepts to social media including but not limited to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, author’s website, blog or to otherwise publish cover design concepts for the purposes of allowing followers to vote on concepts or to share initial cover design concepts with the general public.
  • Author may share initial cover design concepts with friends, family, their editor and others privately.

5) Consulting
Elegant Book Design does conduct limited education with authors in the process of creating cover designs and production work, and authors may view Elegant Book Design as a resource for book publishing and may have many questions about publishing, marketing and business that extend beyond the book cover design or other design projects.

However, Elegant Book Design reserves the right to limit project discussions and questions to the book cover or the design project at hand so the project work can be completed in a timely basis. For questions and consulting outside of the book cover design project, Elegant Book Design will arrange a separate time for consultation and will communicate with the author what fees will apply for said consultation.

6) Cover Design Credit
Elegant Book Design will be given credit for its cover design either on the back cover or on the copyright page (on printed books), using one of the following:

  • Book Cover Design: Elegant Book Design
  • Cover Design: Elegant Book Design

7) Delivery
7a) Delivery Timeline

Elegant Book Design will work with authors to establish a timeline for all design and production work, including changes and alterations to previously created projects.

  • This website has typical turnaround times for ready-made cover design and custom cover design as well as other marketing services, which can vary from a few days to several days.
  • Depending on the current number of projects being worked on and promised delivery dates for said projects, Elegant Book Design may or may not have the ability to promise a firm delivery date for a new project, and may instead give the author a range of dates or an estimated date for completion of all work. An estimated delivery date or a range of dates may be give in order to compensate for unexpected project issues, review delays, schedule conflicts and other unexpected issues that may affect the completion and approval of the project.
  • Elegant Book Design will discuss an estimated work delivery date after initial deign consultation and once the project begins.

7b) Other Factors Affecting Delivery Date

  • Elegant Book Design will revise the delivery date based on the number of design revisions and/or changes to the working digital files requested by the author.
  • Author’s availability for reviewing Elegant Book Design work and approving milestones in the project will affect the final delivery date of the project.
  • The number of revision cycles will affect how long it takes to complete a project. For example, making five changes in two revision cycles, will typically take far less time than making the same number of changes in five revision cycles.

7b) Add-on Rush Service

Elegant Book Design offers rush service add-on for ready-made cover design projects and for custom cover design projects.

  • Purchasing the rush service does not guarantee that any given project can be completed and delivered by the date the author may want or need.
  • Elegant Book Design will review the rush service request, the scope of the book cover project and current project delivery obligations before giving the author an expected delivery date of artwork files.
  • Some projects such as custom cover design involve many steps in the design, approval and artwork stages before the artwork can be approved. While it may be possible to expedite the project and shorten the typical turnaround time by a few days, authors can not expect a complex project to be completed in one or two days from the time the order is placed.

7c) Expedite (Rush) Services

Elegant Book Design reserves the right to add an expedite (rush) fee to the project when:

  • Changes and alterations are excessive and there is a fixed delivery date.
  • Author requests a delivery date that requires project work after normal business hours.
  • Author requests a delivery date that requires project work on non-business days (weekends) or on holidays.
  • Author requests a delivery date that is less than the typical number of days normally needed for the project.

Author will be notified in advance of any expedite fees needed for the project and will be given an itemized invoice for all completed tasks and time spent on the project.


Elegant Book Design does not create or register International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN) for authors. It is the responsibility for authors who need an ISBN to apply for and receive their ISBN for various book publishing platforms and printed books which requires the ISBN.

  • Elegant Book Design will create the ISBN bar code using the author provided number when creating back cover artwork for author’s book, unless the author wishes to supply the ISBN barcode as a high resolution JPEG, PNG or TIFF file.
  • Elegant Book Design will not charge for creating the ISBN barcode. However, if the author gives Elegant Book Design an incorrect number, an additional charge will apply to create and place the barcode into the artwork.
  • It is the responsibility of the author to check the ISBN barcode prior to approving the back cover artwork and prior to book cover printing.

9) Liability
It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that he or she is not infringing on someone else’s intellectual property. Elegant Book Design is not liable for the following:

  • Incidental, consequential, special, indirect, punitive, or exemplary damages of any kind, including loss of revenues or profits, loss of business or reputation, or loss of data, in any way related to Elegant Book Design provided services.
  • Any infringements, including but not limited to book titles, characters, author’s names, tagline, or any other person, place or event.
  • Any loss, claim or injury based on errors or inaccuracies appearing on the Elegant Book Design website or within the author’s written documents, including without limitation as a result of any breach of the terms of this agreement.

10) Monitor Calibration
Elegant Book Design is not responsible for assumptions made by the author when reviewing book cover design and marketing material proofs on the author’s computer monitor, laptop monitor, tablet or other mobile device which is not calibrated.

Commercial software on design work stations is utilized to make sure true colors and contrast are present when designing and creating artwork and when using Adobe .PDF proofs for author reviews and approval.

  • It will be the author’s responsibility to calibrate his or her monitor in order to know if the PDF proofs and files received from Elegant Book Design are being truly represented on the client’s computer monitor or mobile device.
  • Elegant Book Design recommends using the Mac OS built-in calibration or the Windows built-in calibration and for authors to use a computer or computer screen less than five years old where the monitor has been calibrated.
  •  Where book cover designs are to be printed, it will be the author’s responsibility to contact the printing company or publisher to receive a digital proof, which typically is a high resolution inkjet printed proof that is calibrated to the printing company’s offset litho presses in order to ensure true color fidelity.

11) Ownership Rights To Digital Artwork
Elegant Book Design is providing graphic design services and is creating digital artwork files. The following assignments of rights applies to all graphic design projects:

  • Authors will have full rights to digital artwork after payment has been made in full.
  • Authors will have full rights to final digital files (which are editable) after paying an additional fee of $200.
  • Elegant Book Design retains the rights to unused (rejected) book cover design concepts, including all files and PDFs created during the design process.
  • Elegant Book Design may offer unused (rejected) book cover design concepts in the Ready-Made Book Cover Designs section of the Elegant Book Design website.
  • Elegant Book Design may use ebook and print cover designs in promotion and information materials as well as advertising in print and online as well as within the Elegant Book Design website.

12) Payments
12a) Payment Policies

Elegant Book Design has the following policies regarding project deposits and payments:

  • A 50% deposit (first payment) for book cover design work is due before book concept design work is started.
  • A second (final) payment for book cover design work is due upon the author approving final digital files. Elegant Book Design will send the author digital artwork after receiving last payment and payment for any additional charges that may have been incurred during the project.
  • Payment refunds are offered in some instances. (See Refunds, below).
  • Elegant Book Design offers marketing materials design and artwork which requires a first payment to started, and the second payment upon approval of artwork before the project is actually printed.
  • Payment for printed marketing materials is due before printing file is sent to press.
  • Ready-made cover design projects require payment in full before any work is started.

12b) Purchasing Services

Elegant Book Design uses a shopping cart so that book cover design services and related services may be purchased.

  • When purchasing custom cover design packages, authors may pay the full amount for the product or package or they may choose to pay a 50% deposit (first payment).
  • When purchasing ready-made cover designs and add-on services, authors will pay the full amount for the product or service.

12c) Invoicing

The author will be invoiced when:

  • The author has paid a 50% deposit to begin the project and a balance is due upon completion of the project.
  • The author has contacted Elegant Book Design for a free consultation and wishes to move forward with the book design project. Or Elegant Book Design may send the author a link to the book cover design package or service needed and the author may purchase through the shopping cart instead of being invoiced.

12d) Paying Invoices

Elegant Book Design will send the author an invoice by email which will have a payment link. The payment link will allow the author to use a secure, encrypted form page to pay the invoice using major credit cards.

13) Portfolio
Elegant Book Design reserves the right to use the author’s final book cover design graphic as well as the author’s name and the book title in the Elegant Book Design’s portfolio and in Elegant Book Design marketing materials.

14) Printing Services
Elegant Book Design offers printing service for marketing materials it creates for authors.

  • Elegant Book Design requires payment for all printing in advance.
  • Elegant Book Design cannot be held responsible for reprinting any materials if errors are detected after the work is printed.
  • Author provided files for printing may be considered for printing marketing materials provided the files submitted are the correct size, have the required bleed and are the correct resolution.
  • Author provided files for printing that require additional prepress work to make them ready for printing, or to make changes requested by the author will be subject to additional charges.
  • Author provided files such as layered Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator or InDesign files for use in making marketing materials may be considered provided the files include all font and support files. Changes and alterations to author provided files will be subject to additional charges.
  • Elegant Book Design cannot be held responsible for any delays in printing or shipping which results in printed materials not reaching the author before an event or expected delivery date.

15) Reasonable Expectations

  • Elegant Book Design cannot guarantee that its cover designs will generate sales for the author as there are many factors that affect ebook and printed book sales, including but not limited to: the marketing efforts by the author, the publishing platforms used and reviews by readers, to name a few.
  • Elegant Book Design offers graphic design services that are based on time and materials which is reflected in pricing for all design and production work.
  • A fixed amount of time is included in the pricing of services for design revisions and corrections. Author requests for changes, corrections, additional design revisions all take time and excessive requests will result in additional charges.

16) Refunds
Elegant Book Design has the following policies on refunds:

  • If the author requests an order or project cancellation before any work has started on any of the services request, Elegant Book Design will refund any deposit (or first payment).
  • If the author requests a project cancellation after work has started on the cover concepts, but before the concepts are completed for review, Elegant Book Design will refund a partial payment to be based on work completed by Elegant Book Design less a $25 cancellation fee.
  • If the author is not satisfied with the initial cover design concepts provided by Elegant Book Design and wishes to cease work with Elegant Book Design, the author may request that work cease in writing within two days of the cover concept review. A full refund of the author’s deposit (or first payment).
  • In the event an author requests more than 10 separate rounds of revisions to a book cover concept, Elegant Book Design reserves the right to cease all work on the book cover design and not to refund any deposit or payment made by the author.
  • In the event an author decides to cancel the order or terminate the work after approval of the book cover design and once work has started on the working digital files by Elegant Book Design, there will be no deposit refund and a cancellation fee of $25. Elegant Book Design will provide a detailed accounting of all work done on the project up until the cancellation, and the author may be invoiced for work not included in the 50% deposit on the book cover project.

17) Stock Photography
Elegant Book Design uses stock photography from Adobe Stock and/or Shutterstock, which licenses all images purchased by Elegant Book Design for use in book cover designs. Elegant Book Design typically purchases standard licenses, which are subject to limitations in the use of the purchased images.

  • Standard image licenses with Shutterstock and Adobe Stock allows for up to to 250,000 ebook covers.
  • Standard image licenses with Shutterstock and Adobe Stock allow for printed covers up to 500,000.
  • Shutterstock and Adobe requires that printed books exceeding print runs of over 500,000 have the extended use license.
  • Elegant Book Design reserves the right to require authors to reimburse Elegant Book Design for the purchase of extended use licenses for press runs that exceed 500,000 and for ebook sales that exceed 250,000.

18) Editing, Proofreading and Rewriting Services

Elegant Book Design provides authors with proofreading, editing and rewriting services. The level of service required will be based on an initial evaluation of 10 to 20 pages of the author’s manuscript and a discussion with the author. Each service has a different fee.

  • Elegant Book Design will work with author’s manuscript.
  • Author and Elegant Book Design will agree on the level of service needed.
  • A deposit is required to begin proofreading, editing and rewriting work.
  • Editor will provide the author with a partially completed document when 50% of the work is completed for author review.
  • After completion of all work, Elegant Book Design will provide a Microsoft Word document to the author with corrections, changes indicated or text rewritten depending on the level of service purchased.

II. Elegant Book Design Service Definitions

1) Design Concepts
Book cover design concepts are created after a discovery process with the author and are based on a discussion between Elegant Book Design and the author regarding ideas, requirements, typography, potential visuals, color and other design factors that will be considered for the book cover design.

  • Typically, two concepts are created, but in some cases a third concept may be provided depending on the package of services purchased or agreement between the author and Elegant Book Design.
  • Design concepts are not finished artwork.
  • Design concepts are intended to be a visual representation of what the book design might look like.
  • During the design revision process, one design concept will be chosen by the author for further refining by Elegant Book Design.
  • Alternatively, elements from several design concepts may be combined into a revised design concept.
  • Design concepts are retained by Elegant Book Design.
  • Rejected design concepts by the author may be utilized by Elegant Book Design website using a generic title and author name.

2) Digital Artwork
Digital artwork is the actual file required by the author for uploading to online publishing platforms. For example, Kindle Direct Publishing accepts files which are either JPEG or TIFF. Elegant Book Design will provided digital artwork in the file formats requested by the author at the time the order is placed for the work or during the discovery process.

  • The author will communicate with Elegant Book Design what file formatsare needed and what publishing platforms are being used, so the digital artwork can be made to the correct size and resolution and will work correctly with publishing platforms the author is using to publish the book.
  • Digital artwork files do not contain layers and are not editable.
  • Elegant Book Design will deliver the digital artwork files via OneHub (similar to DropBox) or will send the author a ZIP file containing multiple files compressed into one file by email (if requested).
  • Digital artwork files are archived by Elegant Book Design for up to five years.

3) Ready-made Covers
Elegant Book Design offers book cover designs that are unique in design and simply need the book title, author name and a tagline added to complete the artwork. Ready-made covers are primarily used as ebook covers, but some authors purchase ready-made covers for use as a printed book cover by adding a spine and back cover design.

  • Once a ready-made cover design is purchased, the cover design is removed from Elegant Book Design website and will no longer be offered for sale to the public.
  • Design changes such as revisions to imagery, using different stock photography or making other design changes will be subject to additional charges.
  • Adding a spine and back cover for printed book covers using a ready-made cover will also be subject to additional charges, unless the author purchases a ready-made cover design package that includes creating a spine and back cover artwork.
  • Elegant Book Design will provide a proof of the cover design for the author to approve.
  • Once the book design is approved and payment for any additional charges or work request is received, Elegant Book Design will provide digital artwork to the author.

4) Printing

Authors who work directly with publishers and printing companies to print book covers and dust jackets are responsible for:

  • Obtaining correct printing specifications for book artwork and communicating such specifications to Elegant Book Design and/or providing a printer-supplied template prior to Elegant Book Design starting artwork.
  • Working with the printer or publisher to determine the width of the book spine prior to Elegant Book Design starting the book artwork.
  • Confirming with the printer that artwork files provided by Elegant Book Design to the author are the correct size and have the correct bleed.
  • Obtaining a PDF or calibrated ink jet proof from the printer in order to proof and approve the cover artwork prior to printing.
  • Additional prepress fees by printer to correct artwork if required.
  • Additional fees by Elegant Book Design to correct artwork and resend files to the author.
  • Registering their book’s ISBN and providing the number to Elegant Book Design in order for the correct ISBN barcode to be generated for placement in the book’s back cover artwork.

Elegant Book Design provides a printing service for author marketing materials such as bookmarks, business cards and postcards that Elegant Book Design has designed and created artwork for using the author’s book cover design and graphic elements.

  • Elegant Book Design provides Adobe PDF proofs for authors to review the design and artwork of each marketing piece prior to printing.
  • Elegant Book Design cannot be held responsible for errors detected after printing.
  • Elegant Book Design does not provide printing from author created printing files, unless the submitted filse are the correct size including a 1/8 inch bleed on all sides, have had all placed photography converted to CMYK, sized to 300dpi, and all text outlined and an X1A PDF provided for printing.
  • Elegant Book Design may assist authors with book printing, depending on the book project and the printing specifications.

5) Proofs

Proofs are provided to authors as a PDF so that the author may review the artwork on their computer monitors and either approve or request corrections, changes and alterations if needed.

Proofs are typically provided as a medium resolution PDF file, which are suitable for viewing on a computer or tablet device. While they may be used by the author to print a hard copy for the author to make notes on, a proof PDF is not the same resolution as a PDF used by a publisher for offset lithography printing and proofs should only be used for proofreading and reviewing.

As the design project progresses, Elegant Book Design will provide proofs which are numbered (i.e. Book-Title-Concept-A.pdf, Book-Title-Final-1.pdf) so proofs with corrections or change requests can be compared to the corrected proofs.

  • Proofs with author’s notes, corrections and alteration requests will be emailed or faxed to Elegant Book Design.
  • Alternatively, the author may reference the proof by number and list in an email all corrections, notes, and alteration requests.
  • During the design concept and artwork review process, Elegant Book Design will make notes on proofs when there is a phone discussion with the client.
  • It is the author’s responsibility to proofread all proofs and to review and approve final proofs before the final project files are sent to the publisher or printing company.
  • Approved proofs by the author means that the project is free from errors and is ready for Elegant Book Design to create the final, non-layered files that the author will use for publishing.

6) Website
Elegant Book Design provides author website design, production and hosting on the Elegant Book Design server.

  • Elegant Book Design provides the author with a customized website design based on their book cover design created by Elegant Book Design.
  • Websites use WordPress for the content management system (CMS).
  • Authors will have access to the website’s Administration area for making changes to content.
  • Elegant Book Design will provide hosting and backups of the website.
  • Elegant Book Design offers a website package with a limited number of pages and features for a set fee.
  • Elegant Book Design does not provide website updating, troubleshooting or tech support to author websites created by anyone other than Elegant Book Design.

III. Design and Production Process

1) Design Concepts Files
Book cover design concepts are created and utilized by Elegant Book Design in order to design the book cover and/or spine and back cover, and to present the cover concept to the author for review, feedback and/or approval.

  • Design concepts are created using Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe InDesign
  • Design concepts are presented to the author as Adobe PDF files, which are viewed on the author’s computer during the review and approval process using Adobe’s Reader application.
  • Design concept files are only used by the author and Elegant Book Design for discussion and making decisions regarding the design direction for the book cover design.

2) Cover Concept Review
Elegant Book Design and the author will review the cover concepts together and talk by phone while viewing cover concept Adobe PDF files. Phone reviews provide an opportunity for Elegant Book Design to receive feedback from the author and for an opportunity for Elegant Book Design to ask questions, clarify feedback, collaborate with the author and offer insight into the design process and challenges with the book design concept.

  • Elegant Book Design will summarize the cover concept review following the review by email to the author, and will document action items and/or revision requests made during the review.
  • Revision or change requests by the author will be documented by Elegant Book Design.

3) Cover Concept Revisions
Some cover designs may require several rounds of revisions and reviewing by the author.

  • Elegant Book Design will revise one of the book cover designs and will provide additional rounds of revisions as needed in order to complete the design process.
  • In the event a book cover design exceeds ten rounds of revisions, Elegant Book Design reserves the right to either require additional fees for changes beyond the ten rounds of revisions or offer a refund any book cover design deposit which the author has made and cease work on the book cover design.

4) Cover Concept PDFs
Cover concept PDFs are provided as Adobe PDF files. Adobe PDFs are used worldwide and are utilized by printing companies, graphic designers, artists and photographers.

The purpose of the PDF is to provide the author and Elegant Book Design a convenient way to review the design concept from initial concept meeting through artwork completion.

  • Elegant Book Design uses color calibration software on workstations used to create book cover designs and final artwork.
  • Authors who view PDFs on a noncalibrated monitor may not be seeing the artwork as it will appear to others.
  • Authors who use laptops and low resolution monitors may also not see true color and contrast fidelity.
  • Authors who use a tablet device or smartphone may not see the finest detail or color fidelity.
  • Elegant Book Design recommends that authors color calibrate their monitors and/or view their PDF proofs on several computers to get a better idea of whether their monitor is reasonably accurate.
  • Elegant Book Design cannot provide authors with monitor calibration support or assist with monitor calibration software setup and configuration.

5) Working Digital Files
Working digital files are the digital files used in the creation of the book cover design, spine, and back cover.

  • Working files typically utilize stock photography images which are manipulated in Adobe Photoshop and are used with either Adobe Illustrator or InDesign to combine text with imagery and to add text effects to typography.
  • As the selected concept is refined, the Elegant Book Design will send the author an Adobe PDF for review and feedback.
  • Working Digital Files are retained and archived by Elegant Book Design.

6) Final Digital Files
When all revisions and changes have been made to the book cover design, and the author has approved the cover, the digital files are considered final. Final files may be resized and/or manipulated so the resolution, pixel count and physical dimensions are compatible with the publishing platform the author is using.

  • Elegant Book Design will convert the layered files into non-layered digital artwork which the author will then upload to the publishing platform or provide to their printer or publisher.
  • Digital artwork files may be in JPEF, TIFF or high resolution PDF format, depending on the publishing platform the author is using.
  • Author may request a copy of final layered digital files; however, there is an additional fee of $200 for the files.
  • Final Digital Files are retained and archived by Elegant Book Design for 5 years.

7) Cover Approval
When the book cover design has been completed including revisions to the cover design, Elegant Book Design will send the author a cover approval notification document by email. The author will sign and date the document, then return it to Elegant Book Design by email or fax. After receiving the signed and dated approval notification, Elegant Book Design will then create the various digital artwork files requested by the author for their publishing platform or printing company.

  • Change requests made to the digital artwork files after the files have been created and sent to the author will be subject to additional charges for making the changes to the final files, regenerating the digital artwork files and then resending the files to the author.
  • Digital artwork files will be sent via email in a compressed file (ZIP) or via OneHub or DropBox.

IV. Elegant Book Design File Stages and Definitions

For any project, Elegant Book Design generates a number of files which include internal documentation, review files such as Adobe PDF documents, graphic design files using PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign, as well as JPEG, PNG, TIFF. While file types and file extensions are standardized, many terms used to define the various stages of the graphic design process are not standardized.

1) Editable Files
Editable files are graphic files such as Adobe PhotoShop (PSD), Adobe Illustrator (AI) and Adobe Indesign (INDD) where various design elements are on separate layers and where each layer can be edited using the appropriate software.

  • Elegant Book Design will archive all editable files and can make changes in the future for a small fee.
  • Authors may request copies of editable files; however, there is a $200 fee for the files.

2) File Archiving
Elegant Book Design will archive the author’s editable files for up to five years. File archiving is typically done using a hard drive.

  • Elegant Book Design does not warranty archived files as the hard drive media relies on on magnetic media, hardware and software.
  • Due to changes in operating systems and software over time, archived files older than five years may require using legacy software and hardware in order to open and work on files.

3) File Ownership
Authors will own the actual digital artwork (non-editable) files. If requested and after paying $200 for the editable final artwork files, the author will have files that can be edited, however, editing the files will require that the author open files on a computer which supports Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe InDesign.

4) File Specifications
There are different specifications for ebooks by various publishing platforms and printing companies. Elegant Book Design will work with the author early in the design process to determine exact file types and dimensions in pixels or inches that are required. It is the author’s responsibility to determine which publishing platforms they will be using or what the printed book size will be before actual book cover design is started.

  • If the author is working with a printing company, the printer will need to supply exact specifications for the book cover, spine and back cover or provide a template file for Elegant Book Design to utilize for spine width, bleeds and other specifications.

5) Non-Editable Files
Printers and publishers typically require non-editable files such as JPEG or TIFF, so that all graphic elements are locked in the file in one layer, so graphics and text typefaces will not change as the files are used throughout the publishing process.

Many printing companies require high resolution PDFs, or PDF X1a or similar files, with all text outlined prior to making the PDF, so that there will be no typeface issues when printing from the PDF.

V. File Changes and Alterations

1) Alterations and Changes
When the author provides approved text to Elegant Book Design that is incorrect, correcting the information is considered to be a change, since the request is made to change text already incorporated into the design and/or artwork.

While some time is included in the graphic design process for making minor changes, excessive changes are subject to additional fees.

Alterations are requests that are made which are outside the scope of work for either the design or production artwork for book cover designs and marketing materials. Up to three rounds of proofing are included typically for book design projects, but changes and alterations which require more than three proofs may be subject to additional charges.

Alterations and changes include but are not limited to:

  • Wording changes to cover, spine and back cover.
  • Wording changes to marketing materials.
  • Changing artwork size when the author provides artwork specifications that are incorrect.
  • Changing colors after approval of cover design.
  • Requesting different stock photography after approval of cover design.
  • Requesting additional photo manipulation after approval of cover design.
  • Recreating an ISBN barcode when incorrect number is provided.

Fees for changes and alterations are hourly and include the time needed to alter the artwork files, additional proofs, reviews, and consultation with the author.

2) Corrections
Elegant Book Design will correct any mistakes or errors it introduces into a book cover design, spine or back cover artwork free of charge. Artwork mistakes may include:

  • Elegant Book Design introduced typographical error. Elegant Book Design will work from author-provided content, but in some cases book titles, taglines and other cover elements may be typed by Elegant Book Design using Adobe InDesign, PhotoShop or Illustrator.
  • Elegant Book Design leaves out author supplied text.
  • Elegant Book Design creates an ISBN that is incorrect. If an author supplies an ISBN, but Elegant Book Design is creating the ISBN barcode and introduces a mistake, Elegant Book Design will correct the ISBN and barcode free of charge.

Authors are responsible for proofreading and approving all artwork as Elegant Book Design is not responsible for errors detected after printing or after files are uploaded to publishing platforms.

3) Design Revisions
During the book cover design process, it is expected that there will be a need for design revisions in order to refine a design concept into finished artwork.

To keep projects on schedule and to control the production costs for fixed price design projects, Elegant Book Design has allowed for a limited amount of time for refining a design into the finished artwork.

Elegant Book Design will work with the author to create a unique, well-designed cover; however, Elegant Book Design limits the number of rounds of revision request and reviews to five.

A revision round is a complete cycle where revision requests are given to Elegant Book Design, the revision is made to the artwork file, and a PDF proof is created and sent to the author for review. If the new proof is not approved and additional revision requests are made, this creates an addition round and the process is repeated.

Design revisions include the following:

  • Type font changes (typeface style, weight, size and color).
  • Title, author name and tagline placement.
  • Stock photography manipulation using PhotoShop.
  • Requesting different stock photographs
  • Color refinements.
  • Changing graphic elements.

Elegant Book Design reserves the right to ask the author to locate additional stock images using Shutterstock or Adobe Stock in the event the author requests different stock images to be used for the book cover design concept rather than the image or images selected by Elegant Book Design.

Requests for combining multiple stock images together into one image require additional time beyond that which has been budgeted for the book cover design project, especially if the author has purchased a book design package, which has a fixed number of hours allocated.

4) File Changes After Cover Approval and File Changes After Author Receives Digital Artwork
If the author has approved the cover artwork and Elegant Book Design has generated the digital artwork, a change request will incur an additional fee as the change will need to be made and all digital artwork files generated again.

If the author receives digital artwork files, then discovers an error or makes a request, Elegant Book Design will charge an additional fee for making the changes and for creating new digital files.

5) Future File Changes
Many authors will start with one publishing platform, then expand to several more in the future. In some cases, authors may find the files created for one platform will not work on a new platform due to differences in the specifications or requirements of the new platform.

  • If an author needs a book cover design adapted to a new book publishing platform in the future, Elegant Book Design will adapt the archived cover design according to the specifications of the new publishing platform or publisher for an additional fee.
  • Authors should keep in mind that, over time, versions of Adobe PhotoShop, InDesign and Illustrator will change and that older file formats may not be compatible with future versions of the same software, or may require an intermediate file version upgrade in order to import the file into the current version of Adobe’s software.

Notice: Terms of service are subject to change without notice.